How to Pack and Store Your Holiday Decor

Written By: Laurie Malseed, Franchisee

It doesn’t seem possible that it’s already time to take down all those holiday decorations! But the New Year is quickly approaching, and what better way to start with a clean slate than to properly pack and store away all the Christmas clutter?

I was thrilled when Fox 45 Dayton asked us to do a segment on how to use boxes to store holiday decorations. I, of course, said yes and quickly got to work on coming up with the best ways to organize and protect everything from medium artificial trees to the tiniest ornament.

Franchisee, Laurie Malseed with Fox45 in the Morning host, Hilary Zalla

Sure. You can go out and buy specialty storage boxes, but didn’t you just get done spending a ton of money this year?! I found that our moving boxes make an excellent, and affordable, alternative to those pricey red bins.

I also found a few great ways to upcycle some common holiday “leftovers” into the perfect ornament storage.

Besides using a small or medium size moving box to wrap and protect things like figurines, winter villages, and nativities, I found that our wardrobe box takes the cake (or should I say Christmas cookie) when it comes to most efficient and effective!

Wardrobe Box This is a picture of a wardrobe box with the front cut off for demonstration purposes (how else would you see EVERYTHING that I fit in that thing?!). We’re talking a standard size wreath, garland, 2 hangers of stockings, and another hanger with a tree skirt! And that’s on the bar alone. There is plenty of room left for extra rolls of gift wrap, lights, boxes of ornaments and more!

Other examples of items that could be hung are, holiday table clothes or runners, those adorable handmade paper chains that you can’t bare to throw away, and other holiday linens like sheets or throws.

Another great use of the wardrobe box would be for an medium to small size artificial tree.

IMG_2458Here’s a great little trick you may have seen before. Simply take a used egg carton and fill with all your tiny fragile ornaments. Perfect!

IMG_2455Another idea that I love is to take those discarded gift boxes and hot glue some leftover plastic party cups inside. Instant ornament dividers that are sure to preserve and protect glass bulbs, and the like, till next year!

IMG_2457I hope these tips were helpful! Be sure to check out my segment on FOX45 in the Morning HERE. Happy New Year!


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