Moving With Kids

Moving with kids can certainly add to the long list of moving stresses. And I’m not claiming to have all the answers. However, I have moved a time or two (or three) with kids, and twice across country (while pregnant :)). I’m really not sure how we did it to be honest. It’s one of those things that you have to do, so you do. Thankfully, we were always able to use professional movers. Even if it was to just load/unload our rental truck for one of our cross-country adventures!


First Things First

The key to any monumental undertaking (such as moving with kids) is planning. As early as you can sit them down and talk it out. Depending on the age of your children this can be easy/exciting or it can be hard/devastating. My children are still 5 and under so they’re pretty much up for anything! Plan for whatever direction you think the conversation will go. If you’re faced with devastation leave plenty of time to talk it out, and plenty of time for them to process before you pack them up.

If your children are young, have them practice writing and memorizing their new address or learn some facts about your new state or city.

Early on in the planning process I purchased a few books about moving that we grew to love. We still read them from time to time because they remind us of the bittersweet moments we experienced as a family during our moves. Here are some of our favorites!

“We’re Moving” by Heather Maisner

“Boomer’s Big Day” by Constance W. McGeorge

“Big Ernie’s New Home” by Teresa and Whitney Martin

“The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day” by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Make it an Adventure

Moving can be very exciting! It’s one of those life changes that doesn’t come along everyday. The thrill of the unknown and all that! So take advantage of this opportunity and make it as memorable as possible. A ride with Dad in the rental truck was very exciting!


Be Spontaneous

There are a few things from one of our long-distance moves that my kids will always remember (and they’re pretty young!). Riding in the moving truck was definitely one of them. Some of the others included, but were not limited to, drinking “blue juice” aka blue Powerade, singing “We Are the Champions”, and a last minute detour visiting the Grand Canyon!


Make a Memory

As you can see we’ve had lots of fun moving. Why not document your time in a simple notebook or album? Include pictures of your old home and your new one. Prompt the kids to do a drawing of what they want their new bedroom to look like or to paint a picture of your family in front of your old house. Remember, even though there’s a lot to do, try to slow down and take in some precious memories. Surely this will lessen some of stress that comes along with this life altering event!

Here’s to moving!


Also, check out the newest TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® commercial about moving with kids!

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One thought on “Moving With Kids

  1. Sarah says:

    This is a really helpful post. I love the book suggestions! Moving should be memorable…and not because of the stress.

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