Mama… Mama You Know I Love You…


Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining a group of moms while they visited their 2nd graders at Pathway School of Discovery for a big surprise! We all sat around waiting in the parent room while the kids got ready for us. None of the moms knew what the surprise was! These kids had been keeping it a secret for quite some time and there wasn’t one mom who knew what was going on. It was hard to sit quietly the whole time knowing that their kids were about to perform a special song just for them!

Finally it was time. We all gathered in the small classroom in student chairs while the kids sat in a group in front of us. The class looked so excited to see their moms there and so excited to surprise them! After a quick introduction by Mrs. Richards, their sweet, fun-loving teacher, the kids jumped up into a big group in the front of the classroom and one of the little girls in front began to sing…

Then everyone joined in singing the Boys II Men hit, “A Song for Mama”. Mrs. Richards stood in the back quietly mouthing the words and leading in the choreography that they had been practicing.

All during the performance an inconspicuous guy with a camera hopped around the room filming. Mrs. Richards identified him before they began as her younger brother who was going to “take some pictures” for them.

The moms were thrilled by their performance and everyone had their phones out recording the precious moment. I even saw a few tears. The kids did a great job!

They wrapped up the song by grabbing a purple carnation from a vase at the front of the room that our local franchise had the honor of providing and ran over to their moms giving them a huge hug and flower. Then, Andrew, Mrs. Richards “younger brother”, stood up and revealed his true identity…

He explained that he was with a local PR company who was filming a video for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® International to be used on their YouTube channel promoting Movers for Moms®!

With the announcement applause and excitement filled the room. Questions about when it would air and how to find the video flew from the crowd of proud mothers. Just like the moms I also cannot wait to see the video! As soon as TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® International posts it, I will update with a direct link. Just wait till you see it 😉

For now here are some more “stills”… And I can’t help but singing, Mama… Mama you know I love you!

Laurie Malseed



To find out more about Movers for Moms® and how you can help visit our earlier post here!



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