Incredible Feats of Moving

A roll of twine, a few moving straps, and a healthy dose of courage can be more than enough to result in some scary moves. I thought it would be fun to compile a gallery of some of the most extremely frightening, yet impressive, feats of moving. Enjoy, and remember that when it comes time for your move—we can help!

As if the car wasn’t unsafe enough already!

You wouldn’t catch me driving behind this guy!

Blown tires waiting to happen? Nah, toss a few more chairs on!

Why drive the car, when you can pack it?

Not quite in the same vein, but over-packed, nonetheless!

So how do you go about unpacking in this case?

And now for some SERIOUS DIY moving…

I’ve got to hand it to these guys. That is impressive!

See you on the road– Andrew

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