The Hurt. The Betrayal. The Chaos: 3 Moving Day Headaches to Avoid

As a 21-year-old in the midst of a time of many transitions, I have found myself moving seemingly a LOT lately. Moving to and from college I feel like I’ve redefined the clichéd “man on the move.” OK, that might be a bit melodramatic, but as someone who had lived in the same house for as long as I could remember, it seems like a lot!

Needless to say, as amateur and inexperienced as I was (and still am) with moving, mishaps were both frequent and unforgiving. Actually, that might be putting it lightly.

In no particular order, here’s my list of moving day disasters to avoid at all costs.

The hurt. Anyone else who has ever moved can testify—moving large furniture is NOT fun and can potentially be pretty dangerous. I’ve gotten pretty banged up in some of my moves, but luckily nothing too serious. You or your help might not be as lucky, though. Kudos to you for wanting to DIY or managing to get some friends to show up and help, but that in no way guarantees anyone knows how to move. Whether it be a broken foot from dropping something or even lingering injures like a thrown-out back or pulled muscle, save yourself from these potential injuries—let someone else do it the right way!

The betrayal. It’s been said many times and I have found it to be 100% true—you find out who your true friends are when its time to move. I might come off as jaded but I assure you that I am writing this with a light heart! Abraham Lincoln was once caught saying “Better to just think someone a lousy friend, rather than ask him to help you move and remove all doubt!” Alright, Lincoln may have never said that, but let’s face the facts here. The idea of spending a normally relaxing Saturday completing exhausting, repetitive manual labor in exchange for a few slices of pizza is not all that appealing. Save your friends the hassles of thinking up excuses, or, God forbid, actually helping you move—hire professionals.

The chaos. Plan ahead. Nothing with the huge and elaborate task of moving should be done last minute. Most importantly, make sure your help is arranged for at least two weeks ahead of time, whether it be TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® or a group of friends. And if you are planning on taking no heed to my above advice and try to rally your friends together, make sure to constantly remind them of the impending doomsday, or they WILL think of excuses and cancel last minute. Nothing is worse than trying to move short-handed! Also, arrange for cable/internet/phone installation in your new place before your move-in day for a seamless transition. Lastly, make sure you have enough boxes and packing material for all of your stuff—it saves you from scrambling for makeshift ways to pack and will keep your stuff better organized. Don’t get caught off guard and smacked in the face with how hectic moving can be—I say again, plan ahead!

All that to say, my experience with trying to move myself has led me to know that I will absolutely not make another big move without the help of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. Plain and simple, it is just not worth it.  Spending the money on highly trained, professional movers WILL help you avoid a great deal of the stress and frustration that tends to take away from the excitement of transitioning to a new place! Hire the Movers Who Care ®!


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2 thoughts on “The Hurt. The Betrayal. The Chaos: 3 Moving Day Headaches to Avoid

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