Let’s Be Honest… Damages Do Happen

We’re all about integrity here right?!

Although damages do happen, we do our best to prevent them by padding and stretch wrapping all larger items. And those smaller items? Lamps, lampshades, anything in an awkward size that you may have forgotten about while packing? We’ve got that covered too. Damage prevention is the key to ensuring that your items make it from point A to point B while looking just as good as they did at point A! Here are some common questions (and answers!) about the protection of your items while moving with us.

Q: How do I know my items are in good hands?

A: Our Movers and Drivers are professionally trained in-house and are gainfully employed by TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. That means no day laborers or contract workers. With this being said they are held to our extremely high standard of moving and are 100% focused on our goal of being a roll model in the moving industry.

Q: What if you scratch my dining room table?

A: All items that are transported on your move are covered with a basic insurance of $.60/lb. With that being said, we do reserve the right to repair or replace any damaged item. With our reputation on the line we will try to make things right. We work closely with Len’s Moving Repair, a local Dayton, OH business that  specializes in an array furniture and home repair. In the unlikely event that your furniture gets scratched, we’ll get Len on it and he’ll bring things back to “point A” condition!

Q: What if my 52′ flat screen gets damaged?

A: For large, high-value, items we recommend purchasing added insurance from movinginsurance.com. For smaller high-value items such as a 32′ flat screen, we always suggest allowing it to travel in your personal vehicle. Our gentlemen are happy to carry it for you!

Q: What do I do with awkward-size items like lamps and lampshades?

A: We have a large selection of boxes and packing supplies. We always say if it fits in a box, it needs to be packed! Don’t have a box on move day? No worries. We carry a small supply with us on every move. If our motto wasn’t, “Mover’s Who Care®“, it would be, “No loose items allowed!”.

Q: Should I be concerned about the cleanliness of your trucks? 

A: No. Not only do we do a walk-through inspection of every home before we begin a move (checking for general cleanliness, bugs, and yes… bed bugs), but we also thoroughly clean each truck after every job. We do recommend purchasing mattress bags (a part of our full line of boxes and packing supplies). They are a handy way to ensure that the place you rest your head remains as clean as possible! 

Actions speak louder than words right? For further reassurance check out these reviews from our satisfied customers!

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