Moving Announcements Round-Up

So you’ve hired us to do your move (just assuming), and although that gets rid of a big chunk of work there’s still a long list of things to do. What’s one to-do that’s easily forgotten (or done last minute in a boring bulk-email-type-of-way)? Telling people that you’ve moved!

Hopefully I’ve made this task a little easier for you by selecting (what I think to be) the most stylish moving announcements on the web and listing them here!

  • Here you’ll find a great selection of quality announcements that are all to cute pass up!
  • This company has a great design for Military families on the move.
  • And here you’ll find the most creative selection of announcements. I’ve included a few really fun ones below!

Moving announcements are a great way to help your contacts update your address in a fun memorable way. Consider including a short message to your recipient that lets them know you care. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach out. You never know what a quick, old-fashioned, handwritten note might mean. One small word of encouragement could be the world to someone!

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One thought on “Moving Announcements Round-Up

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